Lectures and Programs

Larry Caplan has presented hundreds of lectures, seminars, and demonstrations over his 32 years with Purdue Extension.  His knowledge, expertise, and quirky sense of humor make his programs both educational and fun!  Larry has spoken before garden clubs, civic groups, Master Gardeners, and commercial horticulturists. 

Larry can develop lectures and demonstrations specific to your needs.  Or, maybe you want to choose one of his successful and proven presentations:

Home Garden Presentations

  • History of Pesticides and Pest Control (National Award Winner)

  • Pest Control: With and Without Pesticides

  • Gardening for People with Physical Disabilities

  • How NOT to Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

  • Right Plant...Right Place

  • Stupid Human Disease in the Landscape

  • Protecting Bees and Pollinators in the Garden

  • Basic Vegetable Gardening Tips

  • Advanced Vegetable Gardening: Kicking it Up a Notch

    • Maximizing Your Yield​

    • Stretching the Gardening Season

    • Insect and Disease Control in the Garden

    • Growing Urban Specialty Crops

  • So...You Want to Start a Community Garden?

  • Invasive Species: Identification and Control

  • Soil Amendments and How They Help Your Garden

  • The Science Behind Fertilizers - Organic and Inorganic

  • All Master Gardener volunteer training topics

Commercial/Professional Horticulture Topics

  • Common Landscape (and Wild) Plants Your Crew May Be Allergic To

  • Protecting Pollinators While Still Controlling Pests

  • Teach Your Customers Well: Landscape Mistakes to Avoid

  • You've Got a Lot of Gall! Understanding Horned Oak Gall

  • Invisible Bugs: How to Deal With a Customer with Delusional Infestations

  • Protecting Trees During Construction

  • Tree Risk Management

  • Diagnosing Common Tree Ailments

  • Soil Science for Tree Workers

  • Pruning Ornamental Trees for Fun and PROFIT!

Want to Host a Garden Conference or In-Service Training

and Don't Know How to Get Started?


Larry Caplan has over 32 years of experience in developing horticultural seminars and conferences, including:


  • Day-long garden conferences

  • Professional Landscape Management School

  • Master Gardener volunteer training (15 weeks)

  • Online college-level horticulture classes

  • In-Service Safety Workshops

Larry can work with your planning committee to develop an educational and entertaining program.  

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