Pruning Fruit and Landscape Plants

Most of the area tree pruning companies do an excellent job on large shade trees.  They have the equipment and training to remove defects in the limbs, repair storm damage, and reduce canopy size.  However, when it comes to fruit trees, small ornamental trees, and landscape shrubs...not as much.  Basically, if they can't climb it, they don't want to mess with it!

Larry Caplan has spent over 30 years teaching homeowners, Master Gardeners, orchard managers, and professional landscapers how to prune trees and shrubs.  If you have a pruning job that is too big or complex for you to do yourself, let us do it for you!  


If your landscape shrubs have become so overgrown that you can't find your windows, doors or sidewalks, have them reduced in size with correctly placed heading-back and thinning cuts.  Removing unwanted limbs at their point of origin fixes the problem once and for all; unlike with shearing cuts, which sprout right back in front of the window that same season.

Ornamental trees, including crabapples, dogwood, and other flowering trees, can lose their beauty and vigor over the years.  Poor  growth and disease can detract from their attractiveness.  Let us clean up and rejuvenate your overgrown ornamentals!

crabapple needs pruning.jpg
neglected fruit tree.jpg

Home fruit production is a fun and tasty hobby!  But an improperly pruned fruit tree won't produce as abundantly as one that has been pruned correctly from day 1.  Additionally, poor pruning leads to poor fruit quality, and even to the loss of limbs and the crop.  Fruit pruning can be complicated, especially when a tree has been neglected for several years.