Tree Appraisals

A car drives off the road and onto your client’s property, crashing through the fence and coming to rest after hitting a tree. It’s easy to calculate the replacement value of the fence, but how do you determine the value of a 50 year old tree that provides cooling shade and beauty to a property? Replacing it with a five-foot sapling is not a fair trade-off.


While you (or your client) might not trade a beautiful old tree for a million dollars, no court in the country will award that amount to you for the loss of that tree.  Appraising the value of trees and living landscape components can be challenging, and requires training, expertise and experience. A tree’s species, location, condition, and contribution to aesthetics, function, and environment of a property are just some of the factors our arborists take into account when assessing the value of your trees.  


Larry Caplan, Certified Arborist and owner of Maple Grove LLC, has the skill, experience, and proficiency to derive a fair and defensible value for your trees and landscaping.  Our clients have used our tree appraisals for:

  • insurance claims

  • tort claims

  • tax deductions

  • real estate assessment

  • proactive planning

  • developing a defensible current value of trees, shrubs, and landscape plantings.


Larry Caplan's Maple Grove LLC bases their appraisals on The Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th Edition, published by the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CLTA). This guide is widely endorsed by all the major arboriculture, horticulture and real estate industry organizations when the appraisal is conducted by qualified experts, such as Maple Grove LLC.