Homes are often constructed near existing trees to take advantage of their aesthetic and environmental value. Properties that provide "instant shade" are highly sought after.  Unfortunately, construction activities are notorious for damaging the very landscapes upon which they sought to capitalize.


Larry Caplan is qualified to provide the proper planning and protective steps necessary throughout each phase of construction to preserve trees by preventing:

  • Physical injury to trunk and crown: breaking of branches, tearing the bark, and wounding the trunk are permanent injuries and, if extensive, can be fatal to the tree

  • Root damage: a tree’s root system can extend horizontally a distance 1 to 3 times greater than the height of the tree. Digging, grading, and trenching can severely damage a tree and limit its ability to stay upright in storms.

  • Soil compaction: heavy construction equipment can compact soil, squeezing the air out of the soil.  Compaction inhibits root growth, limits water penetration, and decreases oxygen needed for root survival.

  • Smothering roots by adding soil: even a few inches of soil piled over the root system can smother fine roots, which are critical for absorbing water and minerals.  If these delicate roots cannot breathe, the support roots and eventually the entire tree may die.

  • Exposure to the elements: trees in a forest grow as a community, protecting each other from the elements. Removing neighboring trees during construction exposes the remaining trees to increased sunlight and wind which may compromise their structural integrity.

You paid to have a wooded residential lot.  Larry Caplan can help you keep these trees alive!

Tree Preservation During Construction